Our neighbourhood plan has to outline clear aims and objectives within its remit, these should be instilled as the core basis of our plan and project our eventual outcomes.


  • To engage with all members of our community and encourage them to share their views and ideas.
  • To consider the impact of growth on the infrastructure needs of our community.
  • To consider all available evidence relating to the allocation and development of sites within our neighbourhood boundary.
  • To utilise social media and communicate with our community at all stages of the Neighbourhood Plan Development.
  • To develop effective working relationships with community, business and local government partners.



  • To develop a plan which, as far as possible, meets the needs of our community for the next 25-30 years.
  • To ensure our Neighbourhood Plan supports the needs of the joint local plan.
  • To develop a Neighbourhood Plan which promotes sustainable growth of employment and residential demand.
  • To encourage community involvement in the development of our Neighbourhood Plan.
  • To develop a plan which promotes equality and meets the needs of a diverse community.


Mission statement
Our mission statement is one of simplicity “driving the development of a Hykeham to be proud” this statement is one that instils our core beliefs and strives for a Hykeham to be proud of and to leave a legacy for future generations to come.