The Story So Far

Following the introduction of the Localism Act in 2011, the neighbourhood planning legalisation came into effect in 2012. This legalisation has had a profound effect and has been a driving force behind empowering local people and their communities to identify the right type of development to benefit their area for sustainability and growth whilst still understanding the need of the wider geographical area.
To date the production of the Neighbourhood plan has had a very positive uptake from the local communities and as of August 2013, three plans have already been successfully brought into force by their local planning authorities.
Back in early 2013 the steering group behind the Hykeham Neighbourhood Plan arose, from the early stages of a few members working towards the common goal of identifying the need of a neighbourhood plan and the areas that should encompass this plan.
The steering group early efforts in September 2013 succeeded in uniting both North and South Hykeham boundary’s and gained the approval from North Kesteven District Councils Neighbourhood Boundary Recognition Application. The steering group has now fully fledge into the Hykeham Neighbourhood planning committee, made up of delegates from both North and South Hykeham town councils but more crucial made up from members of both communities with aspirations to inspire all local people within both communities to get involved and contribute to discussions on all topics that are of concern from, housing, infrastructure, employment even the local environment. The committee will also be obtaining the views of local businesses, medical care providers, schools and the local education authority about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.
The Hykeham neighbourhood planning committee have agreed to establish a series of topic groups to assist with the preparation of the plan. These groups will gather evidence and consult with appropriate bodies within their respective areas of interest. They will help to identify key issues facing the North and South Hykeham both now and in the future, and set out options that are available to address these matters.
Formal consultation exercise will take place on these issues and options and on the basis of these consultations and feedback, plan objectives will be identified. Policies and proposals to address the plan objectives will be drawn up within a draft plan and this too will be the subject of a further consultation exercise. When a final plan has been agreed, this will be, together with a consultation statement that summarises the consultation process and its outcomes, submitted to the local planning authority.